Let’s admit that many of us face a hard time while throwing our best waterproof work boots into the bin. It is not about the boots, but it is undoubtedly about the many memories associated with the work boots as they have been part of our journey throughout our professional growth.

But then the question comes what to do with old work boots if not throw them away as we cannot keep them in the cupboards for the rest of our lives. And the good news is that we got so many creative options to reuse these worn-out work boots. For that, we just need to think out of the box.

Even more exciting news is that we got you fully covered, so you do not need to give pain your nerves by thinking out of the box as this article includes a complete guide on what to do with old work boots. So, let’s start by delving into the list of the eight most potentially feasible options to reuse these old boots without burdening your cupboards.

Repurpose Your Work Boots For Household Ornaments

While reading the phrase ” repurpose your work boots, ” you must be wondering how a pair of boots can be repurposed, especially when it is already worn out.

Well, that’s why we asked you to think out of the box! You heard it right, and we are talking about using these old and somewhat ugly boots for multiple purposes in your household, such as decor, tools-box, or other stuff.

Here are a few creative options and easy hacks to repurpose them.

1. Garden Pot or Flower Planter

One thing is for sure; when we ask you to think out of the box, the last thought would be to transform these ugly boots into something beautiful and aromatic. Well, that’s why we said that think out of the box!

And the best part is that it is such an easy and convenient hack. In fact, transforming your boots into a flower planter or garden pot is not even a task. Simply, you need to use the boots with soil and place your favorite plant, vegetable, or aromatic flower. You can also put their seeds in the soil and water them daily.

In addition, you can simply place this soil-filled boot on a surface in your garden or porch. Or you can get a little bit more creative with this, as creativity has no limitations.

You will probably get a pair of laces with the boots, too, so use these laces as a rope to hang this little goodie on your porch and multiply its charm. You can also hang these fun, quirky lovelies with tree branches to add more delight to your garden.

Imagine planting orchids or succulents in your old boot! Whoa! What an exciting thought to fancy! Try this hack and get ready to embrace so much appreciation from your guests and home visitors, you won’t get tired of thanking us for suggesting this fantastic hack, and that is a bet.

2. Use Your Old Boots As A Doorstop

Never underestimate the charm of your boots, even though they get rusted or worn out!

It is because you can still transform these goodies into an interesting household item, like a doorstop. Yes, turning your old boots into a doorstop goodie would be the easiest and most creative hack.

And the best part is that it does not need much effort. You just need to fill your boots with any heavy material that can stop a door from swinging. You can use cement, gravel, concrete, etc. also, do not worry about the rustic or worn-out outlook of boots, as they will complement the aesthetics of this newly transformed doorstep.

3. Let Your Old Boots A New Home For Birds

How about transforming your work boots into a new home for a beautiful feathered creature?

Yes, we are talking about converting your old kicks into a new home for tiny birds who love to play hide and seek. It is a great place to shelter them, put their food in it, and let them freely fly around and turn to their home over dusk.

All you need to do is cut a hole in one side of the boot, attach small pieces of wood around it, and cover it with a small sloppy block of wood. For more embellishment, you can paint it in colorful colors. As we already said that creativity has no limits.

Once ready, place this unique birdhouse somewhere on the roof or terrace, or preferably hang it with a tree in your garden for birds to find it.

Believe us; your guests won’t get tired of asking where you bought this beautiful bird home. And that would be entirely on you to brag about naming expensive decore brands or revealing our secret!

4. Make Useful Leather Crafts

The smartest is the person who knows how to make acceptable use of already-used items. And making useful leather crafts is one of the most innovative things a person could ever think of.

We all know work boots mainly use fine quality leather, and the hefty uses of leather are also not hidden. So, what is actually stopping you from making beautiful leather crafts from your previously-used work boots?

It’s also great for people like my wife who do archery as a hobby.
Here are a few options for leather crafts.

● Wallets
● Belts
● Wine holders
● Small slippers
● Bracelets
● Arm guards
● And much more!

It is noteworthy that these are just a few options. Still, as I have said repeatedly, creativity has no limitations, so think of any particular item you may make from the recycled leather of work boots. Or simply google or youtube it. Both are literally brimmed with so many great ideas.

Also, please note that this method will only use the leather of boots. The sole would still be left unused. For that, you can give it to recycling centers or a nearby tire shop as they use rubber one way or another.

5. Give Your Boots A New Life By Resoling Them

Giving your old boots a new life by resoling them is another beautiful hack that can solve your problem of what to do with old boots.

It is vital to note you can furbish or re-sol your old pair of work boots if your boots have used Blake Stitch, Goodyear Welt, or Storm Welt construction methods. All you need to do is take your damaged pair of kicks to an expert cobbler for furbishing or changing the sole of your boots and let the magic happen.

You would be surprised to see the final look as the cobbler will literally transform your worn-out pair of boots into a beautiful pair of goodies. Thus, you will not need to buy a new pair. Notably, resoling your old boots will save you from spending a significant amount of money buying a new pair.

Additionally, it will save you from the discomfort that new pair of boots may bring. And let’s not forget their benefit of not tightening your monthly budget, and the value they bring in return is worth experimenting with.

6. Spare The Pair For Unsanitary Tasks

Living in a home means you have to look after it too. And we hope that we do not need to mention that looking also includes a considerable number of nasty or unsanitary tasks. Many people prefer to manage these tasks on their own for whatsoever reasons.

For that, you need an extra pair of boots that you can comfortably wear while doing such nasty household chores without being worried about ruining them. Therefore, if you want to avoid tossing or recycling them, using them as your grime boots is a great idea.

So, sparing your previous pair of work boots as your grim boots will be another good option to reuse your old goodies.

7. Use Your Old Boots as a Tool

The next option is just the ticket for contractors, carpenters, or people who are linked to more physical work.

It is because the next option is to use your old work boots as a tool for supporting or holding different objects. For instance, carpenters often need to cut particular objects while not being surrounded by any helper who can hold that objects the object for them.

In such situations, this tool can be used as a solid brace to hold that object without letting it move away. Therefore, you can quickly transform your old yet rugged work boots into a solid brace to tightly hold rigid materials like lumber, etc.

It is due to the ruggedness and heaviness of work boots. In addition, to try this hack, you need to place a solid material between the pair of boots and tie them tightly. After that, fill them with concrete or soil to make them super-heavy so they would not move even a little inch.

Try it out, and you will not regret the transformation, as it would be no less than a helping hand. And who would not want to have a free-of-cost helping hand?

8. Donate Them For A Good Cause

We know how difficult it can be to give your little piece of heart to anyone else. As we mentioned earlier, many memories get associated with the work boots as they have been a constant part of our journey. And that is what makes them so special!

But giving them for a good cause will even add to their value. Therefore, it is another great option to donate your goodies to someone needy instead of the fact that your memories of your work life are associated with them.

Moreover, there are several options to donate them. You can donate them to homeless shelters, religious organizations, thrift stores, or other non-profit institutions that accept preloved items and give them to needy people without charging a single penny.

Lastly, it is essential to consider that if a shoe has worn out, it does not mean it is of no use.

Countless people would be happy to get these worn-out boots as they would not afford to buy a new item for themselves. Your preloved boots suffice their needs and increase their productivity due to the comfort they bring to their feet.

The Final Word

To conclude, there are plenty of options to use your preloved or even worn-out work boots. We have already discussed the eight best options to answer one of the most frequently asked questions. You can choose any of these options and decide for yourself what to do with your old boots.

Just be mindful of one thing do not throw them to get rot in the garbage as it might also be harmful to environmental safety due to the materials used in them.

If you want to make the slightest effort to reuse them for the multiple purposes discussed above, try donating them to a needy person. Or, you can send them for recycling, as many brands like Nike and Timberland have recycling programs.

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