If you purchase a pair of work boots that are too small or too tight for you, it is right to ask yourself, “Will my work boots widen?”
So Yes, work boots can stretch out. Particularly if you put them to work hard, the more you use them, the quicker they stretch.

No matter how long you spend trying on working boots at the shoe store or ordering them online, even the size you select is your correct size. But the newly purchased work boots will bite until they are properly stretched.
Also, widening your boots can make them precisely fit you. In this article, we will discuss six stretching methods that you may do to ensure that your work boots fit comfortably.

Why Stretch Work Boots?

Foot aches, toe scorching, and nail scraping are minor difficulties that inappropriate work boots can cause. It makes it difficult to work.

However, if you continue to wear them without stretching the boots, more significant problems may occur. Because work boots must extend along with your feet while you wear them, the boots will not be as comfortable as you would want. It means that wearing such work boots is pointless.

The answer to this problem is obvious. You need to extend those work boots so you can wear them and provide your feet with comfort and protection when working.

6 Ways to Widen Your New Work Boots

We have tested all these methods on leather boots, which are all worth it. Below are these methods:

● Use of Alcohol and Water
● Apply Mink Oil
● Freezing Method
● Use of Heat to stretch
● Wear the Boots with Double Socks
● Take them to a Professional

1. Use of Alcohol and Water

If you’re having trouble zipping up your leather work boots, an alcohol-water combination can help to stretch your boot. Shoe designers commonly use this procedure to stretch leather work boots. Follow these instructions to use the method effectively.

● Combine equal quantities of water and alcohol and pour the solution into a spray bottle.
● Gently spray the interior of the boots with the mixture.
● Put on the boots to allow the leather to stretch while it dries.
● You can continue the process until you find the perfect fit.
● Roll a newspaper or a towel and insert it into the shaft to make it ideal.

2. Apply Mink Oil

Simply apply the oil on the outside of your boots. If you are okay with the scent of the mink oil on your socks for a few minutes, apply it to the boot’s interior. This will make the leather softer and quicker. You may even do this if your boot does not have a course lining.

After applying the mink oil, wear your work boots and walk around to allow the leather to adapt to your feet. The shoes will retain their new form as it dries.

When you take them off at night, simply load them with newspaper, socks, or whatever you have on hand. This is because you want to apply some pressure while not wearing the boots, causing the leather to stretch out.

3. Freezing Method

We know it seems funny but honestly, it works. The theory behind this is that when water freezes, it expands. The leather on your work boots will stretch as the water condenses into ice.
The steps are simple:
● Fill two tiny bags with water
● Place one inside each work boot
● Place the work boots in the freezer overnight.
● Remove the water-filled bags
● Put on the frozen work boots and walk about for an hour.
● You may repeat this procedure as many times as you see necessary.

4. Use of Heat to Stretch

Another fantastic way to stretch out your work boots is to use a blow dryer. The heat should be mild for the leather to relax and restructure to fit you when you wear it.
The steps are:
● Connect your hairdryer to a heat source
● Blow heat to the part of the boot you wish to stretch for 2 to 3 minutes
● Wear the boots with thick socks while it is warm.
● While wearing the boot, blast the boot area you want to stretch with the blow dryer for 20 seconds.
● Keep the boots on your feet as it cools down.
● Try to test the boot fit with regular socks.
● Repeat the process if the area hasn’t stretched.

5. Wear the Boot with Double Socks

You may be a regular person who wants to extend your work boots using household items.
If that describes you, the double sock approach is for you. This approach is putting on two pairs of socks, wearing work boots, and walking around the home for about 2 hours.

Repeat the method every day until it expands sufficiently. This is the most comfortable way, so do it when you have free time at home.

6. Take them to a Professional

Take your work boots to a cobbler if everything else fails. These professionals have a lot of expertise working with different types of footwear, and they have a lot of instruments that you wouldn’t usually have at home.

We’d recommend doing this as your first choice, especially if you recently purchased a pair of costly work boots. They are more secure with the boots in their hands.

Should Work Boots be Tight or Loose?

A work boot should be supportive as well as breathable. Too much air might cause it to become brittle, so create a balance between support and breathing room when wearing your boots for the day’s work!

A work boot must have enough room to allow for circulation while also being tight enough to provide sufficient stability to protect feet from wear and strain during long days on the job.

The Final Say

We hope that this article helps you. To avoid the pain during working, you have to stretch your work boots. According to us, the best method for stretching work boots that we’ve tried is rubbing your work boots generously with liquid mink oil (both outside and inside for even faster results.

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